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Crawfish Lake
 Trips in 2017

Mt St Helens
 Trips in 2015

Mt Yoran
 Trips in 2014

Mt Yoran
 Trips in 2013

Diamond Peak
 Trips in 2012

Fuji Shelter
 Trips in 2011

Three Fingered Jack
 Trips in 2010

Three Fingered Jack
 Trips in 2009

Diamond Peak
 Trips in 2008

Mt. Washington
 Trips in 2007

Little Tahoma from above
 Trips in 2006

 Trips in 2005.

 Trips in 2004.

 Trips in 2003.

 Trips in 2002.

 Trips in 2001.

 Hike up South Sister, September 11, 2000.

 Trips in 1999.

Trips in 1992.

 Ancient history.

Here are a few pictures from my "long" commute around Dorena Lake.

Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol.

Deetour's Cycles.

Gone to the dogs

Arithmetic routines for the Motorola Coldfire processor.

A little bit of randomness

Egyptian Fractions

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