Smith Rock, Student Wall

May 6, 2007
with John Leavens, Tim and Michele McCall

Afraid no pics as I forgot and left the Pentax in the car. While John was leading “Rage” (5.7, gear to 1.5"), Tim & Michele showed up, and TR’d “Prom Night” (5.7). I cleaned “Rage” on TR, then John & I both climbed it again. After John climbed “Rage” for third time, we swapped ropes with the McCalls. After we had both climbed “Prom Night”, John moved the McCall’s rope to “School’s Out” (5.7). After climbing “Rage” one last time, John moved our rope down to “Deep Sleep” (5.8). We then followed the McCalls by climbing “School’s Out”, and finished off the day on “Deep Sleep”.

Last modified: May 11, 2007