North Sister

August 19, 2006

This was a scouting trip for the climb I led for the Obsidians of North Sister via the northwest ridge. Hiked in via the Scott Trail and PCT to Minnie Scott Spring. Explored an approach on the NW ridge of Collier Cone to the N side, but decided to use the gully just north of that for the climb. Saved GPS traces of my wanderings across the cinder desert to simplify navigation in the dark through that area. This was a great help on the day of the climb. Turned back at the big gendarme as it was apparent that I would not get anywhere interesting (e.g. below the Glisan) by my turn-around time (3 p.m.) Explored a shortcut from Minnie Scott Spring to Four-in-one Cone on the way out but didn’t use it on the climb.

Linn Glacier
Linn Glacier above lower part of the ridge

Cinder Desert
Cinder desert east of Collier Cone

Dike on the ridge

Black Crater
Black Crater, and plume from the so called “Lake George” fire

Upper ridge
Ridge above the gendarme

Little Brother
Little Brother

Collier Cone
Collier Cone and butterflies

Mt. Washington
Mt. Washington

North and Middle Sisters
North and Middle Sisters

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