South Sister via the Prouty Glacier

June 22-23, 2005

Broken Top
Broken Top from near the waterfall at the bottom of the Green Lakes climbers trail

Prouty from the notch
4:51 AM: Prouty Glacier from the notch in the moraine

Waterfalls on the right
6:57 AM: Waterfalls on the right, from just below the upper bergschrund

and waterfalls to the left
6:57 AM: and waterfalls on the left

Mark crosses a tricky stretch
6:57 AM: Mark crosses a tricky patch

closeup of rock about upper 'schrund
7:14 AM: Closeup of rock above upper ’schrund

Mark belays me across the rock
7:14 AM: Mark belays me accross the rock

East rim of the Old Crater
7:23 AM: East side of the Old Crater

Above the Prouty at last
7:23 AM: Above the Prouty Glacier; the Mean Sister to the north

Mark on the summit
8:37 AM: Mark on the summit

Prouty on left, Old Crater on right
9:07 AM: Prouty on the left, Old Crater on the right, Broken Top behind

North Sister
9:07 AM: North Sister with Jefferson behind, Hood to the right

Middle Sister
9:07 AM: Jack between Middle and North

Summit crater
9:07 AM: Summit Crater

Last modified: June 24, 2005