2000-2001 Ski Trips


White River, Mt Hood, December 25, 2000



Mt St Helens, February 18/19, 2001

June Lake

Mt Adams

Mt St Helens

Mt Thielsen, March 24, 2001

Diamond Lake and Mt Bailey from the Mt Thielsen trail.

Diamond Peak from northwest ridge of Mt Thielsen.

Mt Thielsen from the northwest ridge.

Mt Thielsen, April 4, 2001

The rim of Crater Lake from PCT on Mt Thielsen.

Rocky outcrop on north slope of Mt Thielsen.

Open area above the PCT on the nortwest slope of Mt Thielsen.

Looking up from same location as above.

Mt Thielsen

Another view of Diamond Lake and Mt Bailey. The Mt Thielsen trail loops around the knoll in the lower right corner.

Mt Thielsen, April 14, 2001

Yet another view of Mt Thielsen.

South ridge of Mt Thielsen.

More of the south ridge.

Close-up of above.

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